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ignore this

oops random wrote a 2 am fanfiction what is this world coming to.


sad boys playing card games the postCollapse )
Things happening now:

- Getting Better about my relationship with Her. This is a good thing.
- Applying for a summer research grant to study Literature and Things. (specifically a media archaeology project on eighteenth-century periodical literature and today's blogging culture)
- Working slowly on original story for my workshop class, run by an actual published poet guy who is very intimidating. Waffling continuously between extreme pride and extreme self-loathing.
- Still trucking in RP. Playing Juudai and now Itachi at Kannagara.
- Naruto continues to break my heart.
- Not much free time for shows and things, but I watched Under the Red Hood for an RP buddy and have been dipping my toes into the ocean of American Comics. Also, trying to find time to watch Mawaru Penguindrum, as well as keep up with Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal (magnificent crack there).

I keep forgetting I have a personal DW. |D

nakuko wa ooago tori ni kuru

My new favorite movie is "You Are Umasou."

Because kung fu dinosaurs.
Once upon a time, two years ago, Gramma Random promised someone she'd write them a drabble in a Christmas drabble meme. Of course, Gramma Random is full of it, and never wrote it in time for the 2009 season, or even 2010's. However, this year, she finally completed it - except it isn't really a drabble, which is probably why the dang thing took so long.

Without further ado...

"The Night Lelouch Stole Christmas"

Now, the Brits in Britannia loved Christmas a lot...Collapse )

Have a great holiday!

The Movement

Well, just to let you all know:

okroginator[personal profile] elementalhero

I've got this set up for cross-posting, so you'll still see me. You might actually see me more than usual, on account of how I basically quit personally LJing to begin with. |D

Love y'all! Friend me on Dreamwidth!

oh hey

...Holy shit, I actually logged into this journal.

it's like a time warp to 2009 you guys






oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god.

no i can't.

i just.




my life right now:

1. slam head against desk.
2. raise head slightly away from desk.
3. repeat steps 1 and 2.

also I let my paid expire so idk why i still have my icons :/a

oh wait.... i think they're not all there so /shrug

it's not like i get any comments on this journal anymore other than bots.

fuck da police

I just had a 52-hour work week.

/sleeps forever

In other news, I've apped Juudai at Zodion, because a.) the YGO cast asked me to (;~~~; omg you guys i have friends) and b.) I throw him into a zillion sex memes anyway, I might as well take it up a notch and toss him into a sex game. (Is it terrible that I've written more graphic sex with my TV-Y7 muse than with all my adult/young adult muses combined? Yes, it probably is. B) )


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